Why Asian Cuisine Is Best

I had the chance to roam around south Asia last year but I still cannot forget my experience about eating, hiking, asking and … eating (hey did I say eating twice?)

Travelling can be a bit tricky you know. One thing I always remember when I go out of my comfort zone is to keep my money safe and observe first.

You will never know how important money would be. You can never be lost without it besides, you can never taste MOOORE FOOD if you don’t have enough money. So double check check and check the wallet, if possible don’t place your cash in just one place.

Now, being a tourist have more advantages compared to disadvantages actually. It’s really fun to go to places that you haven’t been and eat food you have never tasted before.

During my stay in Asia, I almost tried everything… as in EVERYTHING from the best restaurants up to the most exotic foods in Asia.

thailand elephants

riding elephants in Thailand. Majestic :D

My stay in Singapore was the best experience. If I could, I would still want to go visit that small island country. The place was very clean, people were generous and kind, and also the mixture of city lights and and and…. uhm.. the food! ;)

great wall of china

zhe famous great wall of China.. Oh man look at that view.

If you ever want to visit Asia, you should consider going to the Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam.. Lots of adventures, and amazing FOOD!

Where To Eat In Singapore

Like this one.

How You Can Make the Most of the Vacation Club Membership

Joining a vacation club would require you to pay the membership fees, which in turn gives you the best benefits of the things you can enjoy during you vacations. Most of these vacation club features are offered to those constant travelers and investors who would surely enjoy the packages they could avail. It is not only you that would benefit on the membership, but of course, your family can make the most of it depending on the type of vacation clubs that you will join.

vacation club membership

The packages would vary on your destination, the hotels that would accommodate you, and the vacation resorts you are bound to enjoy. Just like for example is the Disney Vacation Club, which is ideal for the whole family with kid’s vacation trip, which you can avail only on some membership getaway features. This type of club usually let the members earn points so they could enjoy more of the Disney destinations. The point system would also be depending on the management of the vacation club you join.

My Vacation club offers more customizable vacation trips that could make you tour around the world with your loved ones, family, and friends. With this membership package, you can choose where you wanted to do and the management would just arrange all your trips from booking your tickets down to booking your accommodations on your destinations.

If you love more cruising to inter-islands on certain location, Shell Vacation Club can be the perfect club for you. The management also offers the option that you can interchange with the other members if you do not have yet the time to enjoy the travel benefits available. The Davids Vacation club would give you also other privileges that is just exclusive for this vacation team. Actually, these vacation clubs have their point systems, which you need to join and earn the points that you can redeem by availing the best packages available, which adds more excitement to all your planned trips.

If you want to try something new and travel the other side of the world, the Vacation Club International can bring you all across the globe. You would be well accommodated so you would not worry a thing as you travel because everything would be arranged to give you no hassle during your vacation.

If you are military personnel, a military vacation club that you can join could offer you exclusive deals to enjoy. This is actually another benefit of those retired and active employees of the Armed Forces, so they would make the most of their services and spend time enjoying travelling to places.


If you are a constant traveler, vacation clubs could be the perfect option you can join if you want to enjoy more of this hobby. Bringing your family is ideal so that they would also have the chance to enjoy visiting different travel destinations. If you would not want to travel to places with so many hassles and delays, letting the vacation club management, take charge of everything could make your vacation more relaxing.

Vacation Club: How You Can Enjoy Each Vacation without Any Hassle

A vacation club is a type of club wherein membership needs a fee and exclusive benefits will be enjoyed along with its amenities enveloped with the membership fee. Most of these vacation clubs are being offered to both investors and non-investors who are considering plans of going on a vacation, especially on a regular basis. Buying a membership will be beneficial to your family from generation to generation, since the ownership is transferable and the whole family will have the chance to enjoy the best vacation experience all year round.


do you ever wonder why beaches are perfect spot to relax?

Vacation Club membership packages may vary with different hotels and resorts. The Disney Vacation Club, for example, encourages the owners to use their points based on the real estate interest (as computed) of the resorts and other destinations included in the Member Getaway destinations. Many Disney destinations and resorts can be visited using the points. The points for the vacation club may be used depending on the preference of the owners.

My Vacation Club is also another option to explore the world and spend the vacation with the family to capture and treasure wonderful moments in different destinations around the world depending on the membership package. The membership package allows the owner to choose the best destination and the company will do a customized trip schedule and itineraries for the said vacation.

If you want a vacation membership, where you can experience cruising and inter-island air travels, then the Shell Vacation Club is a great choice. You can even exchange vacation privileges with other members and owners of the club. The Davids Vacation Club, on the other hand, is a club that assists in purchasing and temporarily using club privileges from a certain vacation club. When owners or club members cannot use the points for vacation, they can choose to offer them to people who want to experience the same adventure from certain clubs, like the ones offered by Disney resorts and hotels.

The Vacation Club International is another option for a more memorable and exciting vacation because you can choose to trade your week of vacation from one location to another destination, allowing you to make the whole world your vacation playground. Assistance and guidance will always be provided by the company to make all things concerning the vacation convenient and enjoyable.

The Military Vacation Club is offered to military personnel so they can enjoy their vacation in any of the exclusive vacation spots and destinations around the world. This type of club is applicable to any of the retired and active personnel and employees under the Department of Defense, the Armed Forces, and civilians employed under these departments.


Adventure Time – Sightseeing nature

A family vacation should certainly be an enjoyable and memorable trip, where you can experience all the adventures you have been dreaming. You worked hard for it and you deserve to enjoy this type of vacation with your family. With the goal of providing the most enjoyable and fun vacation to each member of the family, a club can provide and assist your needs based on your preferences.